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I began printing monotypes in late winter 2020 using materials I had on hand: paper, ink, plexiglass scraps, a rolling pin. I pictured places I had been, dreamed of places I longed to see. Horizons, vistas and vantage points emerged, a mood captured in a rearview mirror, the contour of absence. Hazy skylines hang above rooftops, sun-bleached buildings yield to gravity. Bare branches reach into wintry night, faded signs beckon from empty storefronts, a lone lamp illuminates a deserted street. Half-drawn curtains reveal dark interiors, wood smoke drifts between snowflakes, abandoned vehicles are laid to rust. What remains when we depart? Does the ocean know footprints erased by the tide? These images are real and imagined landscapes, moments glimpsed while moving forward, looking back.

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